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Ultra-Fine Oxygenators (UFOs) generate micron-sized bubbles for the delivery of gases into liquids.

The bubbles generated by UFOs are ~100 smaller than that from conventional spargers and aerators, which translates into drastic improvements in gas usage efficiency.

MOLARMAX is currently working with industry research partners to quantify the benefits of UFOs in various applications.


UFOs have been engineered for ease-of-use. Operated at moderate pressures, with no moving parts or electrical components, they can be safely installed to supply a range of gases, with minimal training and maintenance.


Designed in the laboratory for application in the outside world, UFOs are constructed from a chemically-resistant, mechanically-tough polymer membrane.

Stable over a range of temperatures, salinities and pH values, UFOs are resistant to degradation, blockages and fouling associated with operation in slurries and aquatic environments.


Decreasing bubble size increases the surface area available for gas-transfer and reduces the speed at which bubbles float to the surface.

UFOs exploit a combination of these effects to access a completely new paradigm in gas usage efficiency.

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